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About Trent

Director of Photography, Trent WattsTrent Watts has over 10 years of production experience, and has been a full-time Director of Photography since 2012.


Being a good Director of Photography is not always about creating the prettiest pictures, it’s about doing what’s best for the production at any given moment.  Every client and every shoot is different, so Trent starts by listening carefully to his clients to determine what their overall goals are, what their specific vision is, and what qualities they’re looking for in a collaborator.  When working in the field, Trent believes in setting a positive tone so communication and collaboration can flourish, and crew and talent can be at their best.  He also believes in understanding and following a director’s singular vision, and in leveraging the crew’s collective wisdom, skills, and equipment to bring that vision to life.


He got his start in high school as an intern camera operator for Reston Cable Access, filming studio shows and high school sports games.  In college, he studied film at Elon University, before basically running away to Hollywood after his sophomore year.  While in Los Angeles, he bought the worst car in the world for $1,000 and worked as a PA and Grip on the sets of feature films, commercials, and music videos.  He lasted about 10 months.

In the Spring of 2006, family responsibilities brought him back to the DC area where he re-enrolled in college and earned a degree in Media Production from George Mason University, graduating in the midst of the recession in 2008.  During/after college, he shot wedding videos with borrowed equipment from the school, worked as an AV tech for conferences and concerts, and delivered pizzas for Domino’s.  In 2010, he started working as a full-time Video Producer for the Communications Department at Bullis School, in Potomac Maryland.  Working as a “one-man-band producer”, he created 1-2 videos per week, learning how to light interviews, shoot and stage b-roll for the edit, record good audio, and capture great soundbites from hundreds of camera-shy teachers, students, parents, and administrators.  The quality of his work at Bullis enabled Trent to set up his own company in March of 2012.

As of 5/15/17, Trent has filmed over 1,400 interviews for 400 invoiced shoots.