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“5/8ths” Interview Lighting

I was debating whether to post this one…I can’t decide if I like the way I lit it. If I have a room giving me beautiful natural light, I sometimes get into that mentality of “What would Deakins do?”, but then get carried away with the “all natural” mindset.  I used no lights or lighting modifiers here, just varied the shades on the wall of windows.  I realized too late that my lighting on his face had landed right smack in the middle between 3-quarters (3/4) and 1-half (1/2).  To get the full 3/4, I could have either added a small bounce to the shadow side of Ezra’s face (or had him turn slightly toward the interviewee, but I liked his shoulders more straight-to-camera). As I was behind the camera, I’d cringe slightly whenever Ezra turned away from the light and his right half would go into shadow. But the Dragon sensor renders all the shadows and dynamic range so beautifully, so I decided to go with it and keep rolling. But I’m liking this interview more now, and I’m thinking the “5/8ths” lighting on his face added more visual interest, maybe even intrigue, to his face as he turned back and forth. The point of interview lighting is to draw close attention to the subject’s face after all, right? Any thoughts?

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